Preetha Sankar is an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and the sole proprietor of her legal firm Preetha Sankar & Co. She is an environmental lawyer primarily focusing on Environmental & Natural Resources based Law and Policy oriented work. 

She has been involved in the environmental conservation arena both in the advocacy and consultancy capacity for almost 20 years. 

She was a previous member of the Bar Council’s Environmental and Climate Change Committee and a Chevening Fellow. She was also a columnist for the Sun Daily for 3 years writing both critical and constructive opinions on environmental issues. 

Preetha in her practice focusses on drafting of environmental and natural resources law, developing policy frameworks, rendering of legal opinions and providing other technical legal and policy assistance across   a number thematic areas such as Protected Areas, Wildlife Protection, Carbon Finance & Projects, Forest Protection, Environmental & and Biodiversity governance related issues.