Dylan is the co-founder of Nature Based Solutions, a start-up that focuses on the development of green financing for the biodiversity conservation in Peninsular Malaysia, and Sunda Shelves, an independent bookstore specializing in books and merchandise related to the natural history of Malaysia and the surrounding Sundaland biogeographic region.

Dylan has been involved in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management efforts at all levels across Malaysia for over 20 years. He has played a key role in developing important national policies and plans, including the National Physical Plan, Central Forest Spine (CFS) Masterplan, Heart of Borneo Project Framework, East Coast Economic Region (ECER) Blueprint and the National Policy on Biological Diversity 2022-2030. Dylan also provides technical support to protected area management authorities around the country. Amongst other things, he has contributed towards the formulation of management plans for Taman Negara National Park, Kenyir State Park and the Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve.