Abidah, a graduate of University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science, is deeply passionate about marine conservation. Her commitment to preserving oceans has propelled her through various projects, starting as a Research Assistant at Univesiti Malaysia Sabah on the Climate Change Adaptation Project and later working on Elasmobranch Project. Abidah’s journey into sea turtle conservation commenced at Reef Guardian, where she served as a Junior Marine Biologist on Lankayan Island in Sabah. Here, she monitored and managed sea turtle nesting, conducting awareness engagements with guests.

Her dedication continued at LTTW, where she held the position of Conservation Officer before advancing to Co-Manager of the Tanjong Jara Project Site. Presently, Abidah plays a dynamic role in a marine mammal project, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to safeguarding marine life. Beyond scientific curiosity, her involvement in conservation initiatives is fueled by the joy derived from community outreach and engagement.

Abidah finds profound satisfaction in connecting with communities, raising awareness, and instilling a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards marine ecosystems. Her journey has shown her that conservation work extends beyond scientific research. Abidah values the importance of engaging diverse audiences, from local communities to global networks. She firmly believes that effective conservation requires not only understanding marine ecosystems but also sharing that knowledge and inspiring others to actively contribute to the cause.